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Being "unemployed"

I’m unemployed, at least technically speaking. To be more accurate, I’ve been “unemployed” for the last 2 weeks. I was working at a Large Media Company, who I won’t name (but is definitely on my LinkedIn profile).

I left there to pursue some personal interests (cough Yeah THAT Rabbit! cough) and try to escape some impending burnout. To be absolutely cliche, I’m “betting on myself.”

In that regard, I’m not so much unemployed as I am freelance. I’m unemployed in the “I’m not getting a W2 salary currently.” That will change soon, but not quite on a full time basis. I’ll be returning to teaching, and trying to get more involved in the local tech ecosystem as well. The Large Media Company served its purpose, but the importance of investing in things I care about will always take precedence over the notion of a steady, but not necessarily happy, job. Arguably, that’s a very irresponsible position to take, and I can’t say that people who disagree would be wrong. However, I also can’t agree that they’re right.